Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Favorite review


Angie Favorite was just eleven years old when her mother disappeared, leaving Angie and her brother Jason to be raised by their grandmother while their rock-star father hit the road with his band. Since that day, Angie has gone through the motions of everyday life. She thinks she has everyone fooled — until the summer morning when she’s abducted from a mall parking lot. She narrowly escapes and her attacker, Scott Bittner, is arrested, but the weirdness has just begun. When Angie receives a letter from Scott’s mother, entreating her to meet so that she can apologize for her son’s actions, the girl reluctantly agrees. But it is soon obvious that Scott’s attack wasn’t random at all and that there is more to the strange Mrs. Bittner than meets the eye. (goodreads summary)

Angie will never forget the feeling of loss from the sudden disappearance of their mother five years ago.  Angie's grandmother believes that her father had ruined her daughter's life by marrying him. But yet, Angie has hope that she will return to them someday because they were a very happy family once upon a time. While running errands one morning, Angie is attacked by a stranger named Scott Bittner.  Luckily, she escapes and he is arrested.  She soon finds that he took his own life before she could find out why he tried kidnapping her and leaving her with no closure on the attack.  Scott's mother writes Angie a letter asking for her forgiveness of her son and offering anything to help ease her suffering by opening up her heart and home.  Angie decides to make contact and after that moment the story twists and turns into a thriller. 

When Angie and her brother accept a dinner invitation, it turns into an abrupt weekend stay when she unexpectedly sprains her ankle.  It seemed a little to easy for Angie to get caught up with Mrs. Bittner, especially since she was traumatized by being attacked by her son.  Her thoughts and actions were a bit immature for a depicted age of sixteen but maybe there are teens who would think different.  Mrs. Bittner is a wealthy widow who uses her money to get what she wants.  She lives on a huge estate and has a son and grandson that live on the other side of the lake. She comes off as sweet but as the story unfolds she shows another side.  I had the feeling there was a mystery between Scott and the disappearance of Angie's mother.  As I kept reading, I found out things were not what I thought and actually became more thrilling. There were many surprises and twists with the characters in the story leaving me satisfied with the outcome.  At first, I wasn't sure how this book was going to turnout but I did like it. I read other reviews and they were not good so it left me wondering. I will say though that it had a beginning, suspenseful climax but the end seemed to wrap up too quickly. Then again, it may be perfect for a teen looking for a short and fast read.   It did keep my interest though and I found myself picking it up frequently because I wanted to finish and find out what was going to happen in the end.  I would read more books by this author to see how they would compare. I think this would be a "just right book" for ages 14 and up.~

Title:  Favorite
Author: Karen McQuestion
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Pub. Date: April 2011, Amazon Encore
Paperback, 162 pgs.

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