Monday, April 4, 2011

EcoMazes: 12 Earth Adventures review


The marvelous Roxie Munro is back with more a-MAZE-ing adventures!  This time she’s taking kids on an exciting (and informative) journey through 12 incredible ecosystems, from lush evergreen forests to colorful coral reefs, from the frozen tundra to hot desert sands. And to make things even more fun—and challenging—every bright and bold maze features hidden animals that belong in that environment, including wolves, stingrays, parrots, crocodiles, and a whole colony of seals! (goodreads)

April is a month with many things happening. Spring is starting to takeover, (April showers bring May flowers), Poetry month and Earth Day is right around the corner. Here is a great book I found just in time for Earth Day celebrations that is not only educational but fun too!  On the inside, children will explore different ecosystems that are important to our planet.  Each page is filled with a maze to follow from one end to the other with their finger (I had to backtrack on a couple of them myself).  They will also need to find different animals that live in that habitat as they travel along the maze route.  Some are easy and a few a bit more challenging.  The back of the book contains an answer key and important information that tells about each ecosystem makeup and its creatures that make their home there. It was a fun book that was bright and colorful. It will also help little ones with their counting skills as they search for the animals along their path choices. I thought this book was a wonderful idea and think it is a "just right book" for ages 5 and up. ~

Title: EcoMazes: 12 Earth Adventures
Author: Roxie Munro
Genre: Picture Book
Pub. Date: April 2010, Sterling Publishing
Hardcover, 40 pgs.

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