Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Red Wagon review

Red Wagon

All Lucy wants to do is play with her brand-new, bright red wagon. But her mother has other plans for her - and the wagon. Lucy must go to the market and buy vegetables for dinner. Lucy doesn't want to do chores! But she sets off for the market nonetheless, hauling her red wagon with her. Before long, her ordinary trip becomes a high-seas adventure, a ride through outer space, and a day at the circus. As long as she has her red wagon, not even chores can get in the way of Lucy's fun. (goodreads summary)

Lucy is so excited to play with her new red wagon! But when her mom asks her to go to the market, this sounds like a chore to her. She will soon find out that taking her wagon to the market can be fun and full of adventure. Along the way, several friends join Lucy and their journey begins to flow with imagination. The text is short and simple but it is really the illustrations that tell the story. The pictures give you a soft, gentle feeling and the characters expressions are cute and lifelike.  When you look closely, there are little details that add humor and kids will talk about what they see happening.  I liked that it was about using imagination and Lucy helping out when asked, even though she just wanted to play with her wagon.  Renata Liwska is the illustrator of The Quiet Book and The Loud Bookwhich I also found to be wonderful reads. She does a nice job of storytelling on her own with this first book as a writer and illustrator. I hope her characters find many more imaginative adventures to share with young readers. It is a quick read but would make for wonderful quiet time story. I think this is a "just right book" for ages 3-6.~

Title: Red Wagon
Author: Renata Liwska
Pub. Date: February 2011, Philomel Books
Genre: Picture Book
Hardcover, 32 pgs.

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