Friday, August 10, 2012

Crafty Chloe review

Crafty Chloe
Fancy Nancy meets Martha Stewart in Crafty Chloe, the adorable DIY star of a new picture book series!When another girl has already purchased the most perfect birthday gift for Chloe’s friend Emma, Chloe decides she’ll make a present—something you can’t buy in a store. But crafting isn’t easy, and it’s beginning to look like she won’t have a great idea in time. Fortunately, with a good doodle session and a whole lot of glitter to inspire her, Chloe figures out just the thing to save the day—and with a little help from her trusty glue gun, she just might save a friendship, too! (goodreads summary)

Chloe has tried soccer, video games and dancing.  As hard as she tries, neither of these activities seem to fit her. Instead, what she's good at is making stuff....she can make outfits out of a shirt, coffee filter flower hats and just about anything if there are googly eyes! When Chloe is invited to her best friend Emma's birthday party, she wants to give her the perfect gift.  She learns that another girl has already purchased the same one and must decide to find Emma something else.  She needs to put her thinking cap on and with a little creativity whip up something special.  

This was a delightful story that had valuable lessons added on giving.  Not only is crafting fun and creative but a homemade gift from the heart can be something extra special. I loved the humorous illustrations and subtle coloring to each page. As a crafter myself, I connected with one illustration of frustrated Chloe trying to figure out what to make.  When an unexpected mishap occurs on the way to the party, Chloe gives in a big way that teaches how good it feels to truly give from her heart. It makes for a great conversation about giving to others and how to be a good friend.  The last page of the book lists a website with directions for all the fun crafts illustrated throughout the story.  I'm looking forward to reading what Chloe has up her sleeve in a next book!  I think this is a "just right book" for ages 4-7.~

Title: Crafty Chloe
Author: Kelly DiPucchio, illustrated by Heather Ross
Genre: picture book
Pub. Date: February 2012, Anteneum Books for Young Readers
Hardcover, 40 pgs.

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