Saturday, November 3, 2012

Too Tall Houses review

Too Tall Houses

Owl and Rabbit are good friends and live in two small houses next to each other. They are perfectly happy . . . until Rabbit's garden gets in the way of Owl's view. So Owl builds his house a little taller. Only that blocks the sun from Rabbit's vegetables. So Rabbit builds his house taller. And soon it's a house-building frenzy and the two now not-so-good friends have the two tallest houses in the world!(goodreads summary)

Rabbit and Owl are happy living side-by-side and sharing the same hill with one another. Until Rabbit's garden grows so big that it blocks Owl's forest view. Of course, Owl complains and decides to build a bigger house. Rabbit then complains because Owl's new house blocks the sun for his garden.  And so, the story grows from there with each one trying to out do the other.  This was a cute story on getting along with others and what being competitive will do to a friendship. It had a warm, fall color tone to each page adding to the already gentle and eye pleasing illustrations.  There is a bit of whimsy to the topic of disagreements and finding an alternate solution that works for everyone involved. In the end, learning to work out a problem brings together the two friends and shows that friendship is really more important than having the tallest house. It opens up a great opportunity for discussion either in the classroom or home. I think this is a "just right book" for ages 3-7.~

Title: Two Tall Houses
Author: Gianna Marino
Pub. Date: September 2012, Viking Juvenille
Genre: picture book
Hardcover, 40 pgs.

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