Thursday, February 7, 2013

Snowmen at Work review

Snowmen at Work

If you were a snowman, what job would you choose?

Ten years ago, on the publication of Snowmen at Night, we discovered the secret lives of snowmen. While we humans sleep, the snowmen go sledding, play baseball, and drink cocoa. But now it's revealed that snowmen don't just play all night--they have jobs to do, just like the parents of human kids. Dentists replace missing coal from snowman smiles while pet store owners help pair snowkids with their very own snowpuppy or snowfish to love. The pizza man delivers frozen pizza, and factory workers make the coolest toys in town.(goodreads summary)

A little boy wakes up to find his sidewalk shoveled after a fresh fallen snow. But there is nobody else around except a snowman he made the night before. He wonders if the snowman could be the secret shoveler and if there are other jobs being done during the night.  

This fun and imaginative book gives a pretty good idea of what snowmen could be doing while we are asleep. With its' fun rhyming text and bold illustrations, kids will enjoy learning about all the different occupations snowmen can do. It is a funny and whimsical twist on the jobs they know we do as grown ups. But seeing a snowman, who is a pizza delivery snowman delivering a frozen pizza will make them giggle.  In addition, each page has extra added fun to them by trying to find hidden pictures of a mouse, cat, rabbit and T-rex. You could spend all day searching as they are quite tricky to find.  This would make a great book for a winter themed project. I think kids could come up with their own snowman picture to make with a fascinating occupation. This is a wonderful addition to the other three books in the series and I think this is a "just right book" for ages 3-6.~

Title: Snowmen at Work
Author: Caralyn Buehner, illustrated by Mark Buehner
Genre: picture book
Pub. Date: October 2012, Dial Books for Young Readers
Hardcover, 32 pgs.

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