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Sunday, November 29, 2010

About Me ~

Welcome to my book blog!   I hope you enjoy reading my review posts and recommendations for you and your family.   Please come back often and if you find that I have helped, please share me with your friends.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to read.  My favorite childhood memories were waiting for our mailman to drop off a new Dr. Seuss book from the Book of the Month Club when I was in Kindergarten.    During school, I couldn't wait for the Scholastic flyer to be sent home so I could circle my favorite books and beg my mom to order them.    I have fond memories of reading The Elephant Child and Black Beauty over and over again.

Now that I am a mom, I am able to pass that love onto my children. Both my kids have become voracious readers and I'm happy to know that I have done one thing right during my parenting years.  But as my kids become older, I realized that it was hard to find books that were appropriate. Meaning, they have become high leveled readers for their age but not yet there in maturity for the book content of these levels reached.  So, I decided to read these books myself and pass along to other parents what I find.  Not all parents know what their child or young adult is reading and would be surprised at what's inside.  I have been surprised myself too. While working at our elementary school, I have seen 3rd-5th graders reading Twilight. I have pulled a few books off our library shelves and sent them to the Middle School because content was "iffy" but maybe it didn't belong there either. 

When I came across blogs, I thought "why not start my own blog too". So, here I am reading and reviewing in the hope to help other parents make informed choices about books our children read.  Knowing what is in a book sparks great opportunity for discussion. It can build a bridge between parent and child on subjects that are otherwise hard to talk about. Some children are reluctant readers and hearing a good recommendation to try may help them find a favorite author/series or even a new genre to explore. I loved hearing from the students that I recommended books to at school that they really enjoyed it and so-and-so wants to check it out now!  What better way for them to find out about themselves as readers than connecting with a "just right book".  Our job as a parent is to help them learn and grow by teaching them to understand what they are reading instead of assuming they are doing okay because they have a book in their backpack.

Being able to talk about books I loved (or didn't)  is just bringing another chapter in my life.  So, let's talk books........................

Contact me ~

You can email be at christysbb@wi.rr.com.  I love to read emails and will try to respond to everyone I hear from.