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Storm Runners Book 2: The Surge review

Storm Runners Book 2: The Surge

Chase and his friends Nicole and Rashawn have just survived Hurricane Emily, the storm of the century, but their troubles are just beginning. Although they've made it to the safety of Nicole's family's farm--the winter home of the Rossi Brothers' Circus--the floodwaters are rising and they need to reach higher ground. The circus's lions have escaped their cages, and a dangerous and unpredictable leopard is also on the loose. Have Chase and his friends lived through a terrifying night only to face a new disaster? (goodreads summary)

Chase and his two friends finally make it back to the safety of Nicole's farm after a harrowing night of survival from Hurricane Emily's force. Unfortunately upon their arrival, the floodwaters are rising and dangerous animals are at large roaming the farm. Besides facing these hurdles, "Pet" the circus elephant, is about ready to give birth to a new baby any minute. The generator is also on the brink of running out of gas and the barn they are in will be losing the lights within an hour. They need to get to Chase's dad's fifth-wheel where there are plenty of cans of gasoline available. The only thing that could be standing between them is Hector, the aggressive leopard and the thought of four other hungry lions lurking the grounds.

This book picks up right at the end where the first one left off.  The chapters bounce back and forth between Chase trying to get through the dangers of reaching the gasoline on the other side of the property, to his father trying to get back to the farm himself. It still has the same adventure and excitement moving along each chapter as in the first book. Especially when the leopard and lion came into the picture.  There were a few sad moments when some of the animals died and another had to be put down by Nicole herself. These elements in the story only add to the urgency of the situation and for their survival themselves. The birth of the baby elephant did seem a bit descriptive and I did get a clear picture of that, too.  Making it through rising floodwaters, wind and dangerous animals really put these kids to the test. I lost track that they were only middle schoolers at one time, as they managed to think out each situation with such a level-head and face it calmly.  Again, this book is quick and fast-paced with short chapters that may hook reluctant readers.  The first book in the series, Storm Runners, should definitely be read first to help give a good understanding of the storyline. These characters really have to survive a very long night only to prepare themselves for more adventure awaiting them in the third book of the series. I think this is a "just right book" for grades 6-8.~

Title: Storm Runners Book 2: The Surge
Author: Roland Smith
Pub. date: September 2011, Scholastic
Genre: adventure, middle grade
Hardcover, 133 pages

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