Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Words with Wings review


Gabby's world is filled with daydreams. However, what began as an escape from her parents' arguments has now taken over her life. But with the help of a new teacher, Gabby the dreamer might just become Gabby the writer, and words that carried her away might allow her to soar.(goodreads summary)

I am usually not a big reader of books written in verse but this one is definitely mentionable.  The beautiful poetry will hook you from the first page to the last wanting to hear Gabby's voice. She feels the other kids in her class thinks she is shy and weird which becomes even harder for her when she relocates to another school due to her parents separation. At first her mom and new teacher, Mr. Spicer, do not understand her drifting off and both feel it is interfering with everyday tasks. Gabby is labeled a daydreamer.... She decides she will work on focusing when she needs to but during times like recess, she will let her mind carry her away again. Then one day her teacher begins to recognize a special quality about her daydreaming and instead of stopping it he surprisingly encourages her instead.  

This short and fast read would be great for teachers and parents as well as children. Many times we view them as not paying attention to us or being in their own world. After reading this inspiring book, it just might open our adult eyes to the possibility there may be more to a child that we don't see. There could be a future author or artist, composer or an inventor who just needs a little understanding and guidance to help them channel some creativity, letting them know they are "okay".  I am glad I found this powerful book by accident and I think this is a "just right book" for ages 8-99.~

Title: Words with Wings
Author: Nikki Grimes
Pub. Date: September 1, 2013, Wordsong
Genre: non-fiction
Hardcover, 84 pgs. 

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