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The Adventures of Tintin review

The Adventures of Tintin

Don't miss this expanded novelization of the action-packed film! Tintin stumbles across a model ship at the Old Street Market. Only it isn't any model ship--it holds a piece of the puzzle to finding the resting place of Red Rackham's treasure! But Tintin isn't the only ones after the notorious pirate's booty. With dangerous treasure seekers at their heels, Tintin and his dog, Snowy, are on a high-stakes thrill ride, that takes them from land to sea, from open air to the ocean floor! (goodreads summary)

Tintin is a young newspaper reporter who loves a good story!  While perusing the local market, he purchases a model ship only to find he is not the only person interested in this fascinating item. Barnaby, an American, gives Tintin a verbal warning about the ship and Sakharine, a man insisting on purchasing it even after Tintin tells him no. Curious as to why so much interest, he examines the model and finds a parchment hidden inside the mast with a secret message. With his reporter instincts, he sets out to discover the origins of the ship and learns that the Unicorn was commandeered by Sir Francis Haddock and holds an exciting mystery of pirates and possible hidden treasure. The tale of the Unicorn states that it sailed the Barbados Seas in 1676 but was attacked by pirates leaving Captain Haddock as the only lone survivor. According to the Captain, there is a secret behind the Unicorn that only a true Haddock will find. When his apartment is ransacked and the model is stolen, Tintin's nose for reporting kicks in. With his trusted dog Snowy, the two embark on an exciting adventure and discover the truth behind the Unicorn that takes him not only to many places but meeting many unusual people that could help make this the best story ever!

I don't recall ever reading a book filled with so much adventure starting on page one and continuing all the way to the end.  The nonstop action kept rolling along from one exciting part to another and it was truly a fun read.  The details of Tintin being kidnapped, a daring escape from a large vessel, outsmarting henchmen and flying an airplane for the first time over rough seas (just to name a few) gave me images of Indiana Jones. Tintin and Snowy are highly intelligent characters and extremely diligent on piecing together one clue after another of this puzzle leading them to the true story and making for a great pair of heroes. Several other characters also make it lively, funny and no doubt heart pounding at times from the bumbling Interpol Detectives to the Villain who is also looking for his own answers to the mystery.  There are several things that do stand out in the book. A character is shot and killed on Tintin's front porch steps along with other scenes of bullets flying. There is also the breaking of whiskey bottles either being thrown at people or over their heads knocking them out cold. Even Tintin gets knocked out with a clunking of a candlestick over his head. There was quite a bit of alcohol references and drunkenness on the part of Captain Haddock too but his character developed in the end.  All of these together would make for a good discussion about what is reality and what is entertainment. I did find this fast-paced story interesting and know it will keep readers wanting to read until the end. I enjoyed the exciting plot and writing style that took me from a laugh to an Oh No, look out! part with a turn of a page.  I do look forward to watching the movie but satisfied I read the book for now. I think this is a "just right book" for ages 10 and up.~

Title: The Adventures of Tintin
Author: Alex Irvine
Pub. date: November 2011, Little, Brown & Co.
Genre: adventure, mystery, middle grade
Hardcover, 227 pgs.

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