Monday, July 11, 2011

The Ice Cream King review

The Ice Cream King

It's just another summer day until Teddy visits the Thrill Chill Ice Cream Shop. Magically, he enters a world with ice cream fountains, whipped cream lanes, volcanoes that erupt with vanilla fudge, and even an ice cream moon! But soon Teddy notices that something very important is missing. What could it be?  (back cover)

Here is a cute book for a hot summer day!  When the server at the ice cream shop places a crown on little Teddy's head, he finds a magical world of ice cream "just for him" and declares himself the ice cream king!  The pictures start out subdued but turn bright and colorful when Teddy enters his magical kingdom of anything he wants. It was a pleasant surprise and I loved how the imagination runs wild in this story. I felt the best part of this book is that it contained a quiet and gentle message in sharing. Will make for nice discussion afterwards.  I think this is a "just right book" for ages 3-7.~

Title: The Ice Cream King
Author: Steve Metzger
Illustrator: Julie Downing
Genre: picture book
Pub. Date: March 2011, Tiger Tales
Hardcover, 26 pgs.

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