Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Didn't Do It review

I Didn't Do It

What makes a puppy's day complete?

Swimming and then shaking water all over you. Catching "presents" for you and then bringing them inside the house. Rolling in your nice wool sweater. Snuggling in your lap. In their second ode to canine companions, Patricia MacLachlan, Emily MacLachlan Charest, and Katy Schneider once again offer an irresistible glimpse into the mischievous canine mind.  (goodreads summary)

This is definitely a book for the puppy lover! The various poems are written from a puppy's cute perspective, along with the beautiful artful illustrations, this book gives a smile at every turn of the page. The text flows nicely and filled with heartwarming thoughts I know any dog would say if they had the chance.  Each picture and poem captures the innocence of those adorable pups and is truly a book for reading aloud and enjoying. It does have humor at times and my favorite poem was "What Did I Do", where the puppy brings a chipmunk into the house for its' owner as a present. I hope I will see a book written about kittens soon. I think this is a "just right book" for ages 4-8.~

Title: I Didn't Do It
Author: Patricia MacLachlan & Emily MacLachlan Charest
Illustrator: Katy Schneider
Pub. date: October 2010, Katherine Tegan Books
Genre: picture book, poetry
Hardcover, 32 pgs.

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  1. It might be just the right book for me too! And definitely for my cousins who actually fit the age suggestions lol! Very cute. I'm going to add this to my "look-for-at-the-library" list. :)

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