Monday, March 2, 2015

The Sweet Story of Hot Chocolate! review


Did you know that for thousands of years, chocolate was a beverage and not a solid candy? Or that soldiers in the Revolutionary War received a monthly ration of chocolate for drinking? Learn all about the history of America's favorite wintertime treat in this fun, fact-filled Level 3 Ready-to-Read!(goodreads summary)

Nothing warms you better on a cold winter's day than a cup of hot chocolate!  I didn't realize though that there was an actual history to this delicious beverage. This fun and fact-filled nonfiction book will make an expert out of any hot chocolate lover.

Learning the origins that the cacao bean was first considered to be medicinal by the Olmec people of Central America and how it eventually travelled to Spain, was just the first of many history lessons. The Spanish thought the drink tasted terrible and experimented with sugar and cinnamon, which made a very tasty treat that they kept secret for 100 years.  Eventually, it made its way to France and then over the English Channel. It found its way to the British Colonists in America and Thomas Jefferson helped spread the word about hot chocolate since he was fond of good food and drink. I read many more fascinating things as well from this informative chapter book.  I also liked that at the end of the story there is a quick quiz to help readers recall what they learned.  Kids will walk away with so much knowledge about the past that they will be excited to share what they know the next time they take a sip from a big mug of hot chocolate.  Of course, with whip cream or marshmallows included..... I think this is a "just right book" for level 3 readers in 2nd-3rd grade.~

Title:  The Sweet Story of Hot Chocolate!
Author:  Stephen Krensky, illustrated by Rob McClurkan
Pub. date:  October 2014,, Simon Spotlight
Genre: nonfiction - Level 3 chapter book
Hardcover, 48 pgs.

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