Monday, October 19, 2015

Bear Can't Sleep review

Bear can't sleep!

It's winter, and all the animals in the forest are getting ready for the cold weather.  Fox is gathering wood for fires, and Owl  & Squirrel are making jam. But Bear is having trouble falling asleep. He howls & growls & scares the other animals. Patch the Hare isn't scared; he thinks Bear might be hungry & decides to offer him some food. But then Patch learns what the real problem is & he comes up with a clever way to help Bear get some much-needed rest!

The forest animals are hard at work preparing themselves for winter's arrival. They suddenly hear a very tired, grumpy old Bear who is having trouble falling asleep. With his howls and growls, he lets them know he wants to be left alone. All the animals are scared of him except Patch the Rabbit! He thinks Bear is just hungry and bravely takes him some food. When Patch realizes it is not hunger that is keeping him awake, the good friend in him helps save the day by giving him something special that will help him settle in for a long winter nap.

The sweetest character in this story was Patch, who not only shows his bravery but also expresses a genuine concern for Bears well-being. While the other animals were scared of him, Patch was determined there was something he could do to help. When he discovers the main reason Bear cannot fall asleep, Patch's heartfelt gift turned a grumpy bear into a teddy bear.  The story will also teach kids about being kind and thoughtful to others when his persistence pays off in the end.  The large pictures are bold with eye pleasing fall colors making this another cute story to add to the autumn reading collection. I think this is a "just right book" for ages 3-7.~ 

Title: Bear Can't Sleep!
Author: Marni McGee, illustrated by Sean Julian
Pub. date:  September 2015, Tiger Tales
Genre: picture book, fall season
Hardcover, 24 pgs.

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