Friday, April 21, 2017

10 Things I can do to help my World review

10 Things I Can Do to Help My World

Even young children are eager to help the environment — and here is a bright, inviting novelty book that offers simple ways to make a difference.(goodreads summary)

This Saturday, April 22nd is Earth Day and to help celebrate here is a wonderful book that covers a very important topic! It is never to early to begin teaching children the importance of taking care of our planet and this book is a great start to getting the little ones thinking about what they can do to help our environment.  It offers suggestions that can be done in a simplistic way such as turning off the light when you leave the room or making sure you throw away your trash and not leave it on the ground.  It also opens up a great discussion opportunity about recycling or even my favorite thing to do upcycle things for other purposes.  The pages are large, vivid and bold in color while the layout includes a flap so that when you lift it you find an answer to what kids can do which also makes it fun for learning.  The answer includes a brief explanation as to why that act is so important.  The reading works well either in a large group setting or one-on-one. By the end of this book kids will think of even more ways to help keep our world beautiful not only for ourselves but for future generations.  My favorite page is the front cover which has a stamp marked that this book was made from 100% recycled material! I think this is a "just right book" for ages 3-7.~   

Title: 10 Things I can do to help my World
Author:  Melanie Walsh
Pub date:  August 2008,   Candlewick Press
Genre:  non fiction
Paperback, 40 pgs.  

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