Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jump review


Jump. That is what P.K. has done. A totally wild, crazy jump from a restrictive life with her family into a life of total adventure—rock-climbing out west with a guy she barely knows. At first, everything's amazing. Not only are they climbing in awesomely beautiful national parks like Yosemite but they seem awesomely made for one another. P.K. is in heaven. And then the cops show up . . . with an arrest warrant. And P.K. has to decide who to believe: this amazing guy whom she trusts with her life—or the cops, who want her to believe that he may take her life.  (GoodReads description)

P.K. is a high school student misunderstood by her parents and is being sent away to a boarding school in the fall. P.K. is not at all happy about this decision. She loves the thrill of rock climbing and devises a plan to run away on a climbing adventure.  Critter escapes from a psychiatric hospital after being placed there by his parents because of his attempted suicide and the lack of support and understanding from them. The two characters meet up accidentally at a local climbing gym and plan to run away together as strangers to Red Rock for the climb of their lives.  The book is told in alternating voices between P.K. and Critter. I liked how the author wrote through their thoughts and point-of-view individually.  The chapters are short and some have just a few sentances.  Anyone who is into rock climbing would understand the lingo between the climbers. (I found myself learning alot about rock climbing that I did not know). P.K. and Critter hitchhike their way to Las Vegas, meet other climbers, run from the cops and some romantic feelings develop along the way between the two. I did feel though that the book made running away with a stranger to easy a choice for a teenager. The idea of meeting a teenage boy that you know nothing about and go on the road with  made me a little uneasy. The author did have a couple of  situations that showed the dangers and consequences of being a runaway which I liked. Also, the thoughts of wanting to be back home came up more than once.   Critter has some unusual life philosophies and is looking for accceptance from P.K.  Along the way, P.K. is trying to figure him out.  Some parts were dragging and I found myself wanting to get past them faster than I was.  I did understand an underlying message that we need to listen to our kids and be more accepting of who they are.  I think this book would be appropriate  and a "just right book" for ages 15 and up.  I would like to read other titles by this author.~

Title: Jump
Author: Elisa Carbone
Genre: Realistic Fiction, young adult

Pub. Date: June 2010, Penguin Group
Hardcover, 255 pgs.
book source: local library

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