Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little by Little review

Little By Little

Otto is an otter who can do many things. But there's one thing he can't do: swim. Little by little, and with  some help from his big sister, Otto gets the courage--and the practice-- to splash and tumble in the water with his friends.  (goodreads summary)

I loved this book!  Not only for the sweet and gentle character Otto, but for the message it will give children that before they can accomplish any big thing, try starting out small.  It takes time and practice to develop certain skills and Otto learns with determination that taking small steps first will help him reach his goal of swimming.  Reading, writing, tying shoes, cutting with scissors or even learning a new sport can frustrate little ones easily. When they see Otto take small steps, little by little, it may just be the encouragement they need to help with a task that seems difficult for them.   The pictures are bright and colorful and the text flows easily from page to page if you read aloud.  Children will connect with Otto and feel his sense of accomplishment when he shows them what he can add to his "can do" list now.  This is a "just right book" for ages 3-6. ~

Title:  Little by Little
Author: Amber Stewart & Layn Marlow
Genre: picture book
Pub. Date:  May 2008, Orchard Books
Hardcover, 24 pgs.

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  1. The message of this book sounds perfect for every child, and even adult, to learn. I can't wait to read this book!

    <3 Patricia @ Patricia's Particularity