Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Storm Mountain review

Storm Mountain

Impossible! Suicidal!  That's thirteen-year-old Cat's reaction to her impulsive, irrepressible cousin Ty's harebrained scheme to spread the ashes of their late fathers at the summit of the same treacherous mountain that claimed both their lives.  But when Ty sets off on his own--stealing her dog and her father's ashes--Cat is forced to follow against her better judgement. (goodreads summary)

Cat's mother is away for the weekend and she has made the perfect plans. To hang out with her beloved dog Mugs, make the best pizza ever, have a shot of mocha and stay up all night. Unfortunately, her cousin is left alone for the weekend too and shows up at her door and changes the plans in an instant.  According to Ty, he has a dream about his father that leads him to the idea he should spread his ashes atop Storm Mountain where both he and Cat's father lost their lives two years ago. Cat is against the idea from the beginning, aware of the dangers the mountain holds. The next morning, Ty takes off on his own willing to fullfill the destiny of his dream.  Angrily, Cat faces the trecherous mountain in search of finding Ty and bringing him to his senses. The story unfolds one survival adventure into another as the two make their way through the wilderness dependent on Cat's mountaineering skills to lead them home. They come face-to-face with an avalanche, falling into an ice crevasse and hoping to survive an oncoming snowstorm in a snow cave shelter just like their fathers tried but unfortunately cost them their lives. Something Cat is determined not let happen to them. The story is fast-paced and the chapters are short and quick.  It strives for humor with Ty's character but Cat doesn't play along. It is a survivial against the elements kind of story and would be a simple and fast read.  It would be a "just right book" for grades 5-7. ~

Title: Storm Mountain
Author: Tom Birdseye
Genre: Adventure/Survival
Pub. Date: June 2010, Holiday House
Hardcover, 135 pgs.

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