Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favorite Picture Books for 2011

My Year in Review: Ahhh....picture books. I can't say enough about them. They can inspire creativity and imagination. They can take their readers to giggling out loud at their silliness or send messages that can be taken with them. They can be colorful and bold or simple and pleasing to the eye. This year there were plenty of books to choose from and I found new authors and old authors that did just all of these and more.

Here were a few that stand out in my mind as being some of my favorites for our little readers:

The Quiet Book
The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood

The Loud Book!

The Loud Book by Deborah Underwood

Little Croc's Purse

Little Croc's Purse by Lizzie Finlay

The Best Pet Ever

The Best Pet Ever by Victoria Roberts

My Mom Has X-ray Vision

My Mom has X-Ray Vision by Angela McAllister

Follow Me

Follow Me by Tricia Tusa

Perfect Square

Perfect Square by Michael Hall

How Rocket Learned to Read

How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills

Hush, Little Horsie
Hush, Little Horsie by Jane Yolen

Kindergators: Hands Off, Harry...
Hands off Harry! by Rosemary Wells

Little By Little

Little by Little by Amber Stewart

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  1. Ooh! I haven't read some of these. We LOVED the Quiet book! The library has a picture book club and it and the Loud book were a couple of their reads. You always have such good suggestions for books...can't wait to see what you have for 2012!