Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Red Knit Cap Girl and the Reading Tree review


One day Red Knit Cap Girl and her friends discover a hollow tree in the middle of the forest. What can be done with one ordinary tree? "I will keep my book in this nook so everyone can read it," Red Knit Cap Girl says. But the tree isn't only for books. Little by little, one by one, the animals share their unique gifts and turn the ordinary tree into a special spot for everyone to enjoy!(goodreads)

All you need is a little hideaway to transform into a quaint book nook and share among your friends. A little girl does just that when squirrel discovers a special spot in a big oak tree. This charming story is a take on the Little Free Libraries that seem to be popping up in many communities. Each woodland friend brings something they want to share with the others.  Even Owl and Moon make a special sign that gives the little reading nook that extra touch. This was a cute story about sharing and finding that special place to sit and read with friends. The serene color pallet adds to the illustrations softness and warmth while reading.  It is a nice story about the value of books and sharing what you read with others. I think this is a "just right book" for ages 3-7.~

Title: Red Knit Cap Girl and the Reading Tree
Author: Naoko Stoop
Pub. Date:  September 2014, Little, Brown & Co.
Genre: picture Book
Hardcover, 40 pgs.

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