Friday, April 3, 2015

Finding Spring review


A baby bear cub named Maurice is curious about spring--and he's upset when Mama tells him that before he can experience his first spring, he has to hibernate through his first winter! Mischievous Maurice decides to leave their warm den and go find spring for himself. He asks all his friends for help . . . and finally finds something beautiful and full of magic and light. Spring!(goodreads summary)

Little Maurice is so impatient waiting for his first Spring that he does not want to hibernate as Mama Bear suggests. So while she is taking a winter nap, he sets out on his own to look for it. Along the way, he runs into his friends who seem to be too busy to think about Spring. He eventually finds what he thinks is Spring and wrapping it up, takes it back to his den . After he awakens, he is excited to show everyone that he finally found Spring but when he opens his scarf it is gone!  When he returns to the spot where he found it, there is a beautiful surprise waiting for him that is even better. 

This was a nice story about waiting and having patience. The illustrations were made from hand-cut paper and are definitely intricate with plenty of detail.  Looking at all the different pieces of paper added a fun element to the story. It was quite creative turning the forest and its creatures into original cut-out artwork making it visually appealing. The story was a little predictable but with the illustrations they make it worthy of a quick read-a-loud. It would be fun for kids to write their own Springtime storybook and make paper collage illustrations to go along with it. I think this is a "just right book" for ages 3-7.~ 

Title:  Finding Spring
Author:  Carin Berger
Pub. date:  January 2015, Greenwillow Books
Genre:  picture book
Hardcover, 40 pgs. 

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