Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cody and the Fountain of Happiness review

For  Cody, many things are beautiful, especially ants who say hello by rubbing feelers. But nothing is as beautiful as the first day of summer vacation.  Cody doesn’t want to waste one minute of it. Meanwhile, teenage brother Wyatt is moping over a girl, Mom is stressed about her new job, Dad is off hauling chairs in his long-distance truck, and even camp has been closed for the summer.  Just when all seems lost, Cody bumps into a neighborhood boy named Spencer who is looking for a runaway cat. With a new friend and a soon-to-be-found cat, Cody is on her way to the fountain of happiness.(goodreads summary)

If only everyday could be like the first day of summer vacation! All the things kids look forward to, either doing or not doing, could make or break a summer. For Cody, she is definitely not wasting one minute of it.  But things don't always go as expected. Her mom is anxious about the start of her new promotion, dad is an over- the-road truck driver, her older brother Wyatt is love-sick over a girl and tracking down a lost cat for her new friend Spencer is harder than she thought.

 Unfortunately, summer vacation may not be turning out what Cody anticipated after all. There are many different scenarios in this short and simple story that will keep young readers interested until the end. Cody's good intentions to cheer up Spencer and help keep his grandmothers cat from running away demonstrates her good nature and heart. Can cats really be hypnotized? It's at least worth a try according to Cody but as she soon learns, things do not always turn out as planned. As for Wyatt and helping to get the girl of his dreams? Well, sometimes it is just best to let things happen naturally.  Even though things backfired on her a few times, Cody's positive attitude and realization that she needs to think before she acts was a wonderful message. I enjoyed the illustrations throughout, which help break up the chapters into smaller sections for a reluctant reader.  I think this would be a "just right book" for ages 8-10.~

Title:  Cody and the Fountain of Happiness
Author: Tricia Springstubb, illustrated by Eliza Wheeler
Pub. date:  April 2015, Candlewick Press
Genre: middle grade, realistic fiction
Hardcover, 151 pgs.

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